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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 28, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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. tonight on "eyewitness news," kate is tracking a wild weather weekend. what's this about a magnum pi remake >> her young son inspired so many including eagles quarterback carson wentz. >> i knew that we had to give back. we had to do something in his honor. >> my conversation with lucas's mom, her son called the du destroyer. how she's gaining strength in this the wake of incredible loss >> first, a murder suspect surrenders. "eyewitness news" is there as the 16-year-old accused of
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killing two other teenagers turns himself into police. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. brandon oliveri surrendered. alexandria hoff is at police headquarters. >> reporter: the suspect has not been formally charged. but again, is in police custody surrendering homicide over around 6:30 this evening, it's unclear right now if he could face the possibility of being charged as an adult because he, like the victims here, is just 16 years old. >> with his hands in his pocket and hood pulled over his face, 16-year-old brandon oliveri walked into police headquarters around 6:30 p.m. inside he embraced the two friends who accommodate him there. the surrendering came an hour after philadelphia police issued a warrant for oliveri citing the shooting deaths of two peers. ka lear miller and sal den knew
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were shot and killed after police say an argument between a group of teens began near 12th and ritner >> it's dis heartening to see young people resort to this type of violence which was probably nothing but a disagreement >> in the days since, nearly 500 people attended the two vigils for the boys. demonstrations of prayer and anguish. >> miller was junior where he he can say settled in mathematicses and basketball. den >> you have someone going to jail a long time >> oliveri temperatures in police custody would also provide him safety. this morning, authorities say his family home was hit with over a dozen bullets.
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>> oliveri attended newman and gor ret tea. they didn't worked closely with police throughout the investigation and will be offering counseling services for any students who might need it. reporting from police headquarters, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you. also tonight, a major development in the russia election meddling investigation. cnn is reporting special council robert mueller filed the first charges in that case. a grand jury in washington approved the charges. no word yet on who will be charged but first they're saying arrest could come as soon as monday. mueller was appointed to lead in may. the weather will get a little wild. kate bilo is tracking a half and half forecast for us. kate? >> the good half really already started tonight into tomorrow things looking great. high pressure in control. we've got sunshine and a nice warmup ahead of this advancing system. and this is one of two pieces
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that are going to form to produce very heavy rain in spots on sunday. in his, of course, a cold front you can see the storm is located across the great lakes. snow rapping around the back edge and heavy rain along the frontal boundary, that's one of the two pieces. the second piece is this area of tropical moisture, a tropical low south of cuba, that will be lifted, a corridor of tropical moisture. as we head through the weekend and getting here on sunday. the question is, when do these two pieces of energy team up? and are we going to get the brunt of it. as we head through the day tomorrow, most looking dry, here comes the front. we zoom down and see this low funneling tropical moisture northward and the connection will be made as we head into sunday. as of right now, temperatures in the 40's and 50's, warming up but coming up, how much rain will fall, when it gets in and we'll have the eagles forecast. you'll be dry if you choose to stroll through the middle of the street during the second
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annual philly free street event. three and a half miles of road will close to traffic from 5th and indiana to 3rd and chestnut. the signs are up and the streets have been cleared of cars. walk r, runners and bikers will be able to check out events in the free activity zones. neighborhoods we're excited to try this somewhere different connecting a number of diverse neighborhoods >> they're opening the streets, it's new, different. see what happens. >> we'll just see what happens. i have positive feelings, negative feelings. we'll go from there. mayor kenney plans to walk tomorrow. prosecutors move to reinstate 11 members of the penn state pledge. in september, a judge threw out the most serious charges against eight defendants including
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involuntary manslaughter and if he believe felony aggravated assault. defendants again face the possibility of prison if convicted. today marks ten years since the beating death of a rowan university student and his killer remains at large. 19-year-old sophomore donnie farrell was beaten to death, a $100,000 reward was offered. unless someone turns over the killer or killers, the best hope is security videos of one of the suspects. a dog beaten and left for dead. the philadelphia woman who found the animal in a trash pile has harsh words for whoever did it. this is the first time she's seen the pit bull since saving his life. she found him blooded and tieded up at the cobbs creek recreation center >> he was -- he had maggots in
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his face. flees, very, under weight. weak. his face had been torn apart. >> no animal or any living being deserves to be treated like this. >> i hope they never get another animal >> investigators tell us they have solid leads in their search for a suspect. tiger woods agreed to enter a diversion program to settle a charge of driving under the influence. the 41-year-old champion pro golfer pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a florida courtroom. he was arrested on memorial day weekend under suspicion of dui after police found him unconscious in his parked car. as part oh of the deal, woods will be on probation for a year and pay $250 in fines. at monday's eagles game, you saw the signs. of you probably heard the story about the dutch destroyer. it's one little boy's nickname seen on a bracelet worn by carson wentz. written on homemade signs and chanted by fans.
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10-year-old died in june following an epic battle against cancer. his family is honoring him by starting a nonprofit in his name. but they never expected this kind of out pouring of support. tonight, we give three cheers to his mother. rebecca, who in her grief continued to champion her son and inspired us to carry on. rebecca loves talking about her son lucas. >> he was the strongest person i knew. a wonderful boy. he was fearless >> thanks to a special friendship with carson wentz and the eagles, and prime seating at monday's game, lucas's story was broadcast to the world. >> it has been wonderful and overwhelming. >> it's a plus for everything that's happened >> talk about an impact. so far, over 20,000 orders have been placed for bracelets featuring lucas's dutch
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destroyer football nickname raising $142,000 for the nonprofit the family setting up in lucas's honor. >> a small work station for 23,000 orders. >> very small. definitely not a warehouse. we're working right out of of lucas's room. >> this will grow i think. the family lost lucas in june be days after his 10th birthday. the a history of grief can be a disorienting place but the dutch destroyer project has acted as a compass >> every day without him feels impossible a real dark horrible place when you lose a child. i don't always get up every day and function. but i try for rest of the kids. we have a lot of support. sort of feels like this is a reason to get up to reach people with it >> this is a mother still fiercely loving her son and honoring his life by trying to give hope to others. it was hope that strangers and loved ones gifted to her family in their time of need.
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leading to an all unbelievable lesson in the wake of unthinkable loss >> with everything horrible going on in the world. there's so much good and you don't always see that. but we've seen and felt that >> now she'll pass it along northern of the dutch destroyer and for that, we give rebecca three cheers. when she tells me they plan to distribute the money to local organizations that meant a lot to lucas, and also to families and organizations that are fighting childhood cancer. they got an incredible story. the fact that she's region reaching out >> and the fact that carson is involved, number 11 >> and the family told me, carson and the eagles meant so much to them. it's the mac of reaching out and helping someone >> it's a team effort. no doubt about it. thank you. straight ahead, this friday night, a local couple unique's
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approach at planning their wedding. >> we want our guests to experience a wedding different. >> they're putting their big day up for sale. how they're hoping to pay off the nuptials >> a come back for a classic 80's show, what we're learning about magnum pi. kate will tell us how much rain will fall. who's ready for high school football? lesley van arsdale has highlights from around the region.
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mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. there's more information at cbsphilly./cure. the cast of the superior doughnuts visits philadelphia. they took the stage at punch line philly for stand-up comedy and we caught up with him >> i'm happy to get a break and we can do stand-up and do what we do best >> feels like we're on a field trip. little deprived of sleep because we're doing press while doing the shows but it's been a lot of fun >> the cast kept the crowd cheering at philadelphia's high school for creative and performs arts. they told aspiring actor and actresses they also took part, you can catch superior doughnuts monday at 9:00 a new version of magnum pi is in the works, cbs committed to developing a pilot. tom sellick standard in the
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1980s, he portrayed magnum a navy seal to become a private investigator. the producers are developing the pilot. hopefully mr. sellick will make a cameo. with the average wedding costing more than $35,000, one local couple is taking a unique approach >> they're looking pour sponsors. nicole brewer joins us with the story >> 35,000 for average wedding? that's crazy. don't expect a wedding dress with design logos or a tuxedo jacket outfitted in ads. this couple is courting philly based companies to cover entertainment that the idea the big day could go viral >> weddings are big business >> dress, venue, reception >> food, entertainment. open bar. (inaudible)
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>> why this cherry hill couple came up with the solution >> once we started planning a wedding, we saw how expensive and thought how can we get sponsor ship? >> that's actually not a bad idea. >> if it helps pay the bills >> jodie and dave say it's not about the money it's about being memorable. from logo tables' decals on the dance floor to the speech. >> brought to you by. oh, no, >> you have to give a heart felt speech but plug a product. s. then there's invitations. >> reporter: the bride and groom who have been together seven years plan to cover the cost per head. while they hope local companies will help, either way, the wedding still on. >> doing it to promote the
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wedding, we're going to get married no matter what. >> reporter: so far the couple hasn't closed deals but heard from a few makeup artists willing to render service free. they're appealing to get the word out. i've had a couple of sponsors for my wedding. it's called mom and dad. >> hello. >> thanks, nicole. that was a good one. let's get the forecast from kate's expecting rain. >> we've been talking about this. it will feel completely different, it is not looking good sunday. sunday looks like best case scenario with a light to moderate rainfall today. worst we're talking full-on rain storm nor easter conditions. >> we look life from across the
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river. here's piece one of energy, which you can see is off to the west. got a pretty decent shrug of rain there moving through the midwest with snow. that is your typical run of the mill cold front. if that were just coming through, that's one thing. now we zoom down to the tropics, what you see north of honduras is potential tropical cyclone 18 and here it is right now, 80% chance. you can see the moisture moving through cuba. this could develop into a tropical storm. that tropical storm is not what is going to impact us, it's the moisture, this corridor of tropical moisture that will be pulled and head into our area. connecting with that front as the moisture gets pulled north, the front moves through and if they connect at the perfect time, we talked about this a lot with snowstorm forecasting, if they come together and stays at the right time it will throw a lot of moisture and rain back into the area and strong winds. if the connection happens late,
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it could shift over southern new england. in the meantime, it's cool, but dry. 55 in philadelphia. 50 in reading, 49 in lancaster. behind that front, much cooler, 30's right now in chicago des moines and minneapolis. which has snow for the majority of the day. here's what the european looks like. here's the front tomorrow. still off to the west. we're looking at sunshine nice warm day. it enhances as the tropical moisture and low moves up the eastern sea board ramping up over new england into monday and around the back edge monday, we're going to get into strong winds even damaging winds even at rain tapers off. heavy soaking rain all day sunday and again sunday night. major models almost all of them over an inch and a half. could be as much as three inches of rain you can see these numbers here, even if you just take the consensus these four
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main models, we're looking at a general one to three inches of rain, soaking rain all day. winds gusts 20 to 30 plus miles an hour, sunday into monday, winds could gust to 40, and there will be the risk for localized street flooding, eagles, heavy rain, strong winds and that's kickoff through post game. looks like it could go into early monday morning, very, very nasty conditions out there. not great conditions on the road. we're not talking about snow. luckily is this in january or we'd be talking about the chance for heavy snow. this is just heavy rain and strong winds. i got my buddy out frank and stein. 58, moonlight it will be cool for trick treaters, more of a treat than trick. you sunday worst day of the week. >> so excited to be out. >> yeah. >> big umbrella. ? huge umbrella. the eagles getting ready for
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49ers game sunday. and it's friday. that means high school highlights from all over. the fr ah, here we go. 60 second rotini hi, honey! hey mom! are you eating well? umm...yeah i'm actually making something right now. new barilla ready pasta. deliciously al dente in just 60 seconds. simply add your favorite ingredients... that looks amazing! ...and enjoy. hey, there you go. i can almost smell it.
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new barilla ready pasta. 60 seconds to wonderful. um, elbow! oh, sorry mom! . big v will be starting left tackle on sunday. seb careers take overfor all pro jason peters out for the season after tearing his ncl and acl.
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doug pederson said it was better to keep playing johnson as left tackle. he told him what advice peters gave to him. (inaudible) >> jp has been dynamite back there. i have a ton of confidence. whether it tackle, right tackle. at field thing >> eagles fever running hot. hundreds of fans flocked the modell's at the roosevelt mall. wildfire alshon jefferies signed autographs and took pictures. big game sunday against the niners. friday football frenzy. hi, lesley. >> thank you, ladies. great job tonight. we've an absolutely perfect fall
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day and night for football in pennsylvania be new jersey and delaware. one other 20 different teams so far making appearance on the frenzy this season, we'll start today's action with public league playoff action. latin visiting overbrook and runs them in for the score. 40-26. kensington visiting central jordan davis, kensington wins 44-6. lock touchdown pass. cheltenham taking on hatboro horsham. edwards airing out, touchdown. hatboro horsham wins 45-20. new jersey for gain at lenape visiting cherokee. jack waters better for the touchdown, wins 21-14.
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head to delaware. christiana. this is one of the best plays of the night. jones left. go backing goes around. goes right on into the touchdown. amazing run. of 40-0. >> first military academy visiting the delaware military academy. mccrae, trayvon taking it in for the score. right there with the delaware maryland academy wins 58-20. back to pennsylvania, pope john paul visiting spring ford. rolling out. touchdown. spring ford wins 51-13. finally we have pottstown grove and perkiomen. ryan takes the opening kickoff. 89 yards. 43-26 perk yo min valley.
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here's the game you
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. upper dublin visiting upper moreland in locker room. (inaudible) >> coach and players fired up
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for upper moreland as they go after a conference championship. upper moreland jumping up, bard junior with a touchdown run, 14-0, upper dublin making it interesting. unbelievable run here breaking tackles to score and upper dublin won't go away. this however, the players late in the force. under ten seconds unbelievable touchdown run right here. that's going to make it 21-20. upper dublin decides to go for the win. go for two. check this out. end zone. game saving play, upper moreland wins 21-20. good luck. thanks
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. late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning show is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean we're always on for you as >> the following is a paid presentation for home title lock. >> many people have no idea
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that their equity in their home and their ownership in their home is unprotected and vulnerable to the smart crook who knows how to fill out a form and file it for 30 or 40 bucks with the county recorder's office. >> i've talked to a lot of people to explain to them that, when they-when they proudly say, i own this house, my response is, are you sure? when is the last time you checked your title? >> now we have plenty of stories out there on the internet that you can look up. you just look up title fraud and you're gonna get a laundry list. >> you see it on the news nearly every day. identity theft, credit card fraud, stolen bank accounts. all really scary stuff. but did you know that there's a new crime out there that's threatening the most valuable asset you have? your home. >> because of the cyber world that we live in now, they can download a document from the county recorder's office, forge it, file it for a few dollars, actually.


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